Setting the pace in a challenging Industry

Silven is a recruitment consultancy, specialising in food and drink manufacturing.

They aim to provide unique, tailored and flexible recruitment solutions to both business clients looking to hire, and candidates looking for jobs.

Whilst things were going well for them, like any good business, they knew they could do things better and more efficiently.

They wanted better processes to collect customer feedback and increase follow-through on their call to action.

They recognised this could be achieved by automating a targeted
follow up strategy.

So they came to us for help.

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Our Work.

To promote customer engagement, we worked with Silven to develop an automated process for following up with clients and candidates, to collect feedback on their experience.

This feedback took the form of a custom-built Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, integrated with an automation platform.

The different customer journeys are engineered to respond to individual behaviour and feedback, allowing for targeted and personalised follow-up, including encouragement to provide reviews alongside the NPS score.

We created automations that focused on deepening Silven’s connection with the clients and candidates who scored them highly, and helped resolve issues brought to light by those whose feedback was less positive.

Customer journeys are engineered to respond to:

All were integrated together into one seamless automated journey.


The Results

Not only did we achieve their original goal of automating key parts of their marketing process, we also helped them gain an impressive NPS score of 92.

Research by Clearly Rated into global NPS standards describes an NPS score of over 50 as “excellent” and over 70 as “world class”.

Visibility on customer sentiment has been a crucial factor in helping Silven retain both clients and candidates, and support the continuous improvement of their services.


Net Promoter score of 92


customer responses captured


follow-up messaging based on NPS


overall Google Reviews score

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