Million Dollar Business Club

Delivering Australia’s Premier Customer Journey

How do you deliver an automated customer journey that meets the expectations of millionaires?

That was the challenge facing Million Dollar Business Club (MDBC), Australia’s premier business club available exclusively to 7-figure business owners.

The club wanted to use automation to engineer their onboarding process to make it easier and more efficient both to support their clients and to manage key tasks for their onboarding team.

In doing so, it was essential not to lose any of the personal touch that their clients expect.

In their work with individuals who are used to white-glove service, quality of experience is critical to the success of the business.

So they called in the experts.


Our Work.

As specialists in precision-engineered and personalised customer journeys, solving the MDBC challenge was a perfect fit for us.

Work to create the systems and processes needed included:

Step 1

Mapping out their onboarding journey in detail, breaking it down into key stages.

Step 2

Identifying which systems in the business needed to be part of the process, and what new technology was required to achieve the desired end result.

Step 3

Designing and developing processes around a series of automations connecting multiple platforms including ActiveCampaign, WordPress, Xero, Trello, Acuity and Zapier.

The processes we built included:

• Initial signup, payment handling and membership approval process

• Recording data and creating records across a range of integrated platforms

• Scheduling calls and appointments

• Notifying team members about actions needed at key moments

All were integrated together into one seamless automated journey


The Results

Our work delivered significant improvements for Million Dollar Business Club.

All this was achieved without sacrificing the quality of service or losing any of the all-important personal touch.

A consistent high-quality experience for new clients, ensuring the very best experience of the business from day one

Reduced reliance on human intervention and fewer errors as a result

An improved workflow for internal team members, and an eased workload

A complex and mission-critical business process that was more resilient, reliable and easier to manage. (Stuff got done, basically.)

And we didn't stop there...

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