Customer Retention

The probability of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%, compared to 60-70% for existing customers

And yet, only 18% of businesses focus on retention.

Don’t sleep on this potential like your competitors do.

For many businesses, retention is the difference between profit and loss.

It’s certainly how most of our clients have found success, and a 54% growth in customer lifetime value.

Most people think of marketing in terms of customer acquisition: converting strangers into customers through various channels.

And whilst this is important, it takes a lot of effort and is often not profitable.

Your marketing strategy should never stop when someone becomes a customer.

Instead, pay attention to the people who’ve already invested in your business.

At Airbase, we aim to help you get maximum value from your customers over their entire lifecycle. We’ll help you build a customised retention strategy that supports your customers automatically, using a blend of expert strategy and automation technology.

Using customer retention helps you:

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