It would be a shame not to know who you’re dealing with, so let us introduce ourselves…

Phil Slorick


Our Founder, Phil, has worked in marketing for about 250 million years, since getting a music degree and realising he was never going to make it as a performer. 

Being a geek at heart, he’s been messing with marketing technology in one shape or another for more than 20 years. 

He’s been his own boss properly since 2007 – a decision he describes as both the best and worst he ever made.

  • Trying new things
  • 80s disco
  • (Very) Dirty jokes
  • Pessimism
  • Cheap coffee, cheap beer, cheap people…

Phil’s body is actually made up of 55% coffee, not water like most others.

Sally Walker


As Chief Operations Officer, Sally is the beating heart of day-to-day activities at Airbase. 

While Phil focuses on strategy and planning, Sally makes sure those plans come to life.

She has experience in a broad range of sectors, starting with operations and business development in the construction industry. 

She later worked with The Co-operative Group, Co-operative Financial Services, the National Trust and Edsential before joining Airbase in 2018.

Sally’s from Yorkshire and has a tendency to call a spade a f*cking shovel.

  • Sweets (especially lemon flavoured ones)
  • Gogglebox
  • Aircraft: planes, helicopters… basically anything flying overhead.
  • Stinky mackerel for lunch (looking at you Phil…)
  • Being cold

Sally is almost always snacking. Her favourite snack is Oreos (she insists it was VERY hard for her to choose.)

Ellen Richardson

Marketing Executive

Ellen is the Marketing Executive for Airbase, leading on marketing activity for the company. 

In short, she helps us, so we can help you. 

She also has a sideline making and selling custom berets in the shape of frogs and toads and stuff.

Her main responsibilities include:

  • Marketing campaign planning
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Website management


  • Animals (especially birds)
  • Writing
  • Cartoons



  • Maths
  • People chewing loudly

Ellen owns 10 birds in her avery at home, including budgies, quails and finches! We fear one day she may run away to become a full time crazy bird lady.

Martin Pearson

Marketing Technology Apprentice

After completing his studies in music production, Martin now works as a Marketing Technology Apprentice here at Airbase. 

Given he hails from Rhyl, frankly we’re not surprised he’d do anything he could to stay on this side of the border. 

Anyway, turns out he’s a dab hand at building emails.

During his apprenticeship, he is interested in developing his skills in:

  • On and off page SEO
  • Coding


  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Football
  • Faith No More (the best band in the world)



  • Oasis (the poor man’s Stone Roses)
  • The English national football team
  • Squids

Martin is a lifelong supporter of Wrexham football club, despite the fact that they haven’t actually been in the football league since 2008.

Aaron Hinkley

Marketing Technology Apprentice

Phil thought he was the Official Geek in the office… until Aaron came along, who takes it to a whole other level. As a Marketing Technology Apprentice, he’s able to put those geeky tendencies to good use. He also reminds the rest of us we were all young and impressionable once – and, Aaron, we apologise for corrupting you so early in life.

During his apprenticeship, he is interested in developing his skills in:

  • SEO
  • Content writing


  • Making websites
  • Cyber security
  • Playing Garry’s Mod



  • Sprouts
  • Coffee
  • Unclear instructions

Aaron loves sour sweets. He can go through a whole bag in one sitting. His tongue is somehow still intact.

Theresa Winter


Theresa is our Admin Assistant. She keeps our heads on straight and ensures everything at Airbase runs smoothly. Or as smoothly as it ever could anyway. Hats off to her for putting up with us.


  • Sale Sharks and Winnington Park rugby teams
  • Sunny days (even if her name is Winter…)



  • Cauliflower – She says it’s just not right!
  • Marmite

If you’ve got a keen eye, Theresa appears many times in the ‘Redbull soapbox challenge’ in 2019.

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