The Ultimate Supplement Experience

LYMA has redefined the supplement industry.

Their supplement is unique in using ten proven ingredients in one ultimate formula, combining the best ingredients with the best science to help people feel their absolute best.

And such was demand when it launched, it sold out almost immediately.

Custom integrations have led tens of thousands of people in a complete personalised journey

LYMA’s founders recognised they needed customer journeys that not only delivered the best experience, as befits the brand, but were also reliable, adaptable and scalable. 

They turned to Airbase for help.


The LYMA Journey

Serving customers who expect the best.
The LYMA supplement is itself not so much a product as a wellness journey. Sold on subscription, the benefits of taking LYMA accrue over several months.


Working with the founders, we mapped out a benefits based customer journey and identified key phases of that journey to help shape customer communications and drive engagement.

Maximum retention & Minimum Churn

As well as providing support and value to customers, the automated journey is designed to minimise churn in the early months and maximise retention beyond 6 months.

Our Work.

Working closely with LYMA’s leadership team, designers and developers, we planned and built a series of interwoven automations, combined with custom integrations with the brand’s purpose-built ecommerce platform.

Combined with on-site and off-site behaviour tracking and an extensive contact tagging schema, this journey has also afforded detailed data segmentation and targeting, allowing us to create localised campaigns to support customer acquisition and retention, and to mitigate risk of churn in the customer journey.

The result is a large scale process that delivers marketing, customer service and transactional messages to tens of thousands of people in a complete, personalised journey.

With 5 years of partnership with LYMA, our agile approach delivered numerous iterations of the supplement customer journey, and further product launches.

The processes we built included:

All were integrated together into one seamless automated journey.


The Results

Having taken the supplement world by storm from day one, with a product of unparalleled quality, LYMA has been determined to deliver a quality customer experience to match, and to do so at scale.

The brand has enjoyed dizzying success, and we’re proud to have been an integral part of that growth.


growth in MRR within 12 months


return on investment within 6 months


growth in Customer Lifetime Value


records migrated to a new journey


average email engagement rate

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