Training Sensei

The Flexible E-Learning Solution for SMEs

Training Sensei is changing the face of managed e-learning for small and medium businesses.

The founders recognised that SMEs are increasingly turning to managed e-learning to upskill and empower their teams.

Their innovative, flexible solution provides a platform for learning that grows with your business, one bitesized course at a time.

However, their characterful and engaging approach requires a personal touch that was easy to manage initially, but became increasingly challenging as the operation started to scale.

They turned to Airbase for help.

Training Sensei


Easing the Strain of Manual Processes

Training Sensei is a e-learning subscription platform offering access to a wide range of short personal development courses.

They came to us with the primary goal of saving time for their team.

Before adding automation to the business, their manual processes soaked up a great deal of time and resources, particularly with onboarding new clients.

They recognised automation could help free up their schedule and allow them to focus on growing the business long-term.

Our Work.

Working closely with Training Sensei’s leadership team, we took time to understand their existing processes before translating these into one seamless, scalable journey for new customers.

Having identified key challenges and opportunities, we created a process that removed the need for manual intervention whilst retaining Training Sensei’s
signature personal approach.

Automating the process also allowed us to implement other enhancements
such as segmenting new customers as they signed up.

This allowed us to separate key customer types and create distinct journeys
for them, making both the overall process and individual communications feel
more relevant and personal to their situation, with unique benefits and calls-to action.

Crucially, it also removed the need for several time-consuming daily tasks for
Training Sensei’s team, freeing them to focus on more valuable work.

Automations were integrated with other systems in the business to allow for a seamless experience both for customer and for the internal team.

This included sharing data with other reporting software and triggering transactional notifications.


The Results

By automating their key onboarding processes, we were able to give Training
Sensei their time back.

Their new resilient and scalable onboarding process consists of messages, personalised paths and integrations that help them build effective and profitable customer relationships at scale.

Most importantly, now the staff aren’t tied up in manual processes, they have
the capacity to work on growing the business.

25 tasks

replaced by one automated process

3 systems

integrated to deliver a seamless experience

10 hours

at least of staff time saved per week

1 happy

team, freed up to focus on growth

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