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Is your marketing goal for this year to keep more customers?

Do you want lasting, engaged customer relationships that maximise profits?

Our approach has:

The biggest brands have invested in customer retention to grow tenfold.

Work with us to turn your customers into a community of obsessed fans who:

How do we do this?

It might seem impossible to grow a loyal customer base from people you’ve never met.

And given the cynicism of the modern buyer and all the options available to them, it’s certainly easy for them to mistrust brands and move on fast.

But there are ways you can use CRM (customer relationship management) to create loyal customers, by treating them like humans, not numbers.

It’s how our clients have seen up to 211% return on investment (ROI) from working with us.

We’re Airbase, a specialist CRM Agency.

We blend expertise in marketing technology, with a deep understanding of customer journeys, brand communications and personalisation.

We champion authenticity and aim to humanise your CRM, through a personalised customer experience.

Add capabilities in data and analytics, with a dash of buyer psychology, and we’ll help you get, nurture and keep customers, automatically.

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What we do

We create CRM strategies tailored to your business’s circumstances and needs.

However, the following 6 steps build the foundation for our most successful CRM strategies

1. Journey

We’ll define who your customers are; map their journey with your business; and identify the different opportunities for interacting or connecting with your business along the way.

We’ll dive into detail to segment your customers based on shared characteristics, behaviour or interests, for effective targeting.

The stats don’t lie:

Segmented email campaigns can lead to a 760% increase in revenue (per Campaign Monitor).

Mapping out different messaging journeys for your customer segments helps you support different customers’ needs at the right moments, with the right content.

Planned customer journeys can help you keep in consistent contact with your customers over the long-term, guiding them to repeat purchases and a lifelong relationship with you.

We also use automation software to manage these customer journeys and help them automatically support real-time customer behaviour at the moments they need it most.

2. Brand

We’ll explore your brand identity and tone of voice (how you want to present your business to the world), and your purpose and values (the things that are most important to you).

After all, your brand identity is how you stand out, stay memorable and connect best with your customers.

We aim to humanise your brand through framing and messaging that builds an emotional connection with your customers.

Humanising your brand is the key to increasing repeat purchases by…

  • Naturally building trust with your customers and prospects
  • Staying memorable in their minds
  • Becoming relatable to your customers
  • Standing out from your competitors
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Getting your customers to root for you

3. Message

We’ll develop the content and messaging needed for your customer journeys.

In short, we’ll work with you to determine what we need to say; where we need to say it; and in what way.

We understand how important it is to ensure your messaging is:

  • Authentic
  • Engaging
  • Informative
  • Consistent
  • Personal

We then work to ensure  the messaging is sent to support different customers’ needs with the right content at the right time.

The more precise your messaging is, the more personal it feels, which increases engagement and therefore gets you better results.

4. Process

Now we dig into the technology. If needed, we’ll recommend an automation platform to suit you.

Then we’ll map out the processes; design and build the automations; and customise your selected platform as required.

We typically use email marketing to manage and support our CRM strategies, as it is still the no.1 channel for ROI.

However we can also add multi-channel & multi-platform automation & integration such as SMS, social media ads, chat & web automation.

5. Systems

To ensure proper integration into your business, we’ll link automations to other systems as needed, for example, social and paid media platforms, fulfilment, billing/finance and project management systems.

We’re a platform agnostic CRM agency, so we’ll only suggest the tech that’s right for you.

Platforms we like include:

6. Experience

Your business is only as strong as the data in it.

We’ll ensure you have visibility on key data and analytics to help you make better marketing decisions and tailor your processes accordingly

The result is customer journeys and commercial outcomes that get better and better.

Personalisation is always a priority in our strategy.

More than 88% of UK consumers prioritise personalisation as much or more than they did 2-3 years ago (per McKinsey).

It creates more effective marketing, a better customer experience and more repeat purchases, because your customers feel seen, heard and catered to.

Like any relationship, trust needs to be built over time and with consistent, positive interaction.

Our hyper-personalised CRM strategy allows you to support customers at the right moments, creating a relationship that’s insightful, instead of irritating

How we Deliver

Honestly, if you sign up with us, you’re in for a ride.

(A good one, we promise.)

But, don’t expect us to hold back… because we won’t.

We’re as much business partner as agency – we don’t just do what we’re asked. We also create, innovate and actively work with you to make things better.

We’ll only recommend solutions we know will benefit you, based on what we learn about you and your business.

We want to provide you with the best outcomes, using the tools best suited to get you there.

Therefore it can be hard to explain what you can expect on your journey with us, because our services are so tailor-made.

But, here’s a break down of a typical journey with us over the first year, so can be sure it’s a worthwhile one:

Our Results


LYMA logo

Having taken the supplement world by storm from day one, with a product of unparalleled quality, LYMA has been determined to deliver a quality customer experience to match, and to do so at scale.

The brand has enjoyed dizzying success, and we’re proud to have been an integral part of that growth.


growth in MRR within 12 months


return on investment within 6 months


growth in Customer Lifetime Value


records migrated to a new journey


average email engagement rate


growth in sales within 6 months


growth in repeat purchase ratio


increase in online store conversion rate


STAIT Supplement is not so much a product as a wellness journey.

As with many premium supplements and nutritional products, the benefits accrue over several months.

We mapped out a benefits-based customer journey and identified key phases of that journey to help shape customer communications and drive engagement.

As well as providing support and value to customers, the automated journey is designed to minimise churn in the early months and maximise retention.

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And we didn't stop there...

If you want to find out how we achieved:


increase in sales




'World class' NPS score

10 hours

of time saved per week

Check out our other success stories below (WARNING: Side affects may include FOMO.)

Our Pricing

Being open is one of our core values. So, in that spirit, here’s what we charge.

*Here’s a pause for a small gasp if you need it*

We’re proud of our price because we believe, as always in life, you get what you pay for.

Our services are an investment. We don’t just do one-time ‘quick fix’ solutions – and don’t believe that’s what you deserve, either.

CRM can become part of the bedrock of your business: technology and strategies you can rely on to thrive long-term, and support a flourishing customer base.

Before deciding on a price, we like to understand your business, goals and requirements.

To give you an idea though, our minimum level of engagement is typically £15,000-£18,000 (approx $19,000-$23,000) in total over 6 months .

We believe that the quality and value of our service is worth what we charge, so everything we do is backed by our rather special Lifetime Tingle-Factor Guarantee:

We guarantee you’ll be delighted working with us. Because if, at any stage and for any reason, the quality of our service doesn’t fill you with joy (and give you a special tingle), we’ll refund or waive our fees for the billing period in question.

lets do this

Ready to get started?

If you’ve heard enough, let’s not waste time.

Book a 15-minute call with us here to take the next step.

Who we are

We’re a small but mighty team, founded on a passion to create leverage for our clients.

We blend an authentic real-human approach with the latest technology to deliver profitable 1-to-1 customer relationships at scale.

We work with those who embrace innovation, who are willing to try something new and are always striving to improve their results. The rewards will be great.

We might look unassuming, but all superheroes do at first…

Phil Slorick


Our Founder, Phil, has worked in marketing for about 250 million years, since getting a music degree and realising he was never going to make it as a performer. 

Being a geek at heart, he’s been messing with marketing technology in one shape or another for more than 20 years. 

He’s been his own boss properly since 2007 – a decision he describes as both the best and worst he ever made.


  • Trying new things
  • 80s disco
  • (Very) Dirty jokes



  • Pessimism
  • Cheap coffee, cheap beer, cheap people…

Phil’s body is actually made up of 55% coffee, not water like most others.

Sally Walker


As Chief Operations Officer, Sally is the beating heart of day-to-day activities at Airbase. 

While Phil focuses on strategy and planning, Sally makes sure those plans come to life.

She has experience in a broad range of sectors, starting with operations and business development in the construction industry. 

She later worked with The Co-operative Group, Co-operative Financial Services, the National Trust and Edsential before joining Airbase in 2018.

Sally’s from Yorkshire and has a tendency to call a spade a f*cking shovel.

  • Sweets (especially lemon flavoured ones)
  • Gogglebox
  • Aircraft: planes, helicopters… basically anything flying overhead.
  • Stinky mackerel for lunch (looking at you Phil…)
  • Being too cold… or too hot… or too cold again (her temperature is always fluctuating)

Sally can wolf whistle really loudly, usually deafening all that sit near her at football matches.

Martin Pearson

Senior Martech Consultant

After completing his studies in music production, Martin now works as a Marketing Technology Consultant here at Airbase. 

Given he hails from Rhyl, frankly we’re not surprised he’d do anything he could to stay on this side of the border. 

Anyway, turns out he’s a dab hand at building emails.

You can commonly find him strategizing email sequences, email content and (to put it lightly) grappling with the tech to implement them.


  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Football
  • Faith No More (the best band in the world)



  • Oasis (the poor man’s Stone Roses)
  • The English national football team
  • Squids

Martin is a lifelong supporter of Wrexham football club, despite the fact that they haven’t actually been in the football league since 2008.

Aaron Hinkley

Martech Consultant

Phil thought he was the Official Geek in the office… until Aaron came along, who takes it to a whole other level. 

As a Marketing Technology Consultant, he’s able to put those geeky tendencies to good use. 

Lovingly nicknamed ‘The Website Goblin’, Aaron shines when it comes to tech – often making sure everything we use is set up, optimised and working smoothly.

He also reminds the rest of us we were all young and impressionable once – and, Aaron, we apologise for corrupting you so early in life with our office antics.


  • Making websites
  • Cyber security
  • Playing Garry’s Mod



  • Sprouts
  • Coffee
  • Unclear instructions

Aaron loves sour sweets. He can go through a whole bag in one sitting. His tongue is somehow still intact.

Ellen Richardson

Marketing Coordinator

Ellen is the Marketing Coodinator for Airbase, leading on marketing activity for the company. 

In short, she helps us, so we can help you. 

If you’ve found us through our website, it’s almost certainly her fault.

She also has a sideline making and selling custom berets in the shape of frogs and toads and stuff.

Her main responsibilities include:

  • Marketing campaign planning
  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Website management
  • Entertaining the office with her lack of filter, pretty much voicing any thought that pops into her head at any given time


  • Animals (especially birds)
  • Writing
  • Cartoons


  • Maths
  • People chewing loudly
  • Wooden ice lolly sticks – she says the texture goes right through her!

Ellen owns 4 birds at home – two budgies and two cockatiels! 

We fear one day she may run away to become a full time crazy bird lady.

Our Promise

Putting your trust in an agency can be a daunting (and costly) commitment.

That’s we take pride in upholding our promise to always be: 


We strive to do the best we can for our clients, team-mates and partners.

We’re focused, consultative specialists, we play to our strengths – and we’re in it for the long-haul.


We’re always honest, transparent and straightforward.

We’re open minded, ready to listen to ideas, willing to be challenged and enthusiastic about new things.


Whenever we can, we look for new and inventive ways to get the best results for our clients and ourselves.

Our agile team embraces a spirit of innovation, risk and fun

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