Digital Experience Automation

Delivering High-Value Customer Relationships at Scale

It’s long been said that One is the most dangerous number in business.

Relying on one key partnership, one revenue stream, one source of customers, one of anything, leaves a business exposed.

For marketers, the result is an understanding that we need to adopt multiple approaches to our audience, multiple channels and methods for getting customers, and multiple ways of growing customer value over time.

But there’s a problem:

The most effective multi-channel strategies are usually those that don’t feel like a multi-channel strategy.

Instead – and uniquely for each individual – they feel like one consistent and coherent experience.

Which is easy to say. Not so easy to do.

The Brand/Customer Disconnect

A customer’s journey with any business almost always begins and ends online, with many digital touchpoints in between, even if parts of that same journey happen in the real world.

(Have you noticed how increasingly even real-life customer interactions lead to a digital solution? ‘Oh, we don’t have that in-store, but you can get it online…’)

If business models aren’t actually breaking, they’re certainly under stress, thanks to the adoption of digital solutions and the shift in power from brand to consumer.

Add to this the proliferation and splintering of marketing channels, plus heightened expectations about quality of experience, and it all leads to a growing disconnect between brands and their customers.

In fact, ‘disconnect’ is being generous…

Complex Journeys at Scale

We’ve long maintained that the rise of the internet has built a wall between businesses and their customers.

It’s a wall too many companies are content to hide behind because finding new ways to reach and connect with their audiences is hard.

A customer’s journey from first-time buyer to repeat purchaser and loyal advocate can be complex and unpredictable.

Every customer wants the same thing: they want to be loyal; they want to belong; they want a rich, personalised, fulfilling experience.

And they want it, individually, from you.

Until you don’t deliver, and they leave to look for it elsewhere.

So the brands who win are those who recognise we need to re-think the customer journey, and create experiences that reach across the many different channels now in play.

Which creates another problem:

Orchestrating consistent, high-quality experiences across multiple channels in a way that’s reliable, scalable and personal is a huge challenge.

Why Does This Matter?

In short, because it’s costing you money. Lots of money.

Chances are, like most businesses, you have a number of different tech platforms supporting different elements of your customer journey, likely resulting in disconnected pockets of activity and data.

Each platform might be good in its own way but when you add them together, all of those parts do not make a happy whole. Usually, quite the opposite.

The cracks in your customer experience start to open up.

When your business is small, you can paper over those cracks, usually with some manual intervention. As the business expands, so do the cracks and customers start falling through.

Meanwhile, people are increasingly aware of privacy and data-sharing issues, and big tech companies are fighting over what privacy means in practice.

The result?

Plummeting customer loyalty and rising costs of acquisition, as customers get a mediocre experience and no incentive to stick around.

So What's The Answer?

Among marketers, there’s a lot of talk about omnichannel and cross-channel campaigns and customer experience (CX).

If you’re not very sure what that means in real life, you’re not alone.

It’s easy to trot out the jargon – much less easy to translate it into something meaningful and actually deliver it.

What’s needed is a different approach…

One that recognises both the opportunities and the threats in our noisy, multi-channel, digital world. 

One that pairs a human, empathetic and cognitive approach to data-led customer journeys and CX with the best in tech and the opportunity for scale that brings.

One that applies the 80:20 principle to deliver real leverage.

And one that’s both reliable and consistent.

At Airbase, we call it Digital Experience Automation (DXA)

DXA blends commercial strategy, hyper-personalised customer journey design, brand-led messaging, marketing technology, data and business systems into one holistic solution.

And it’s embedded in our services to give your business the results you deserve.

It creates an environment engineered to support and promote 1-to-1 customer relationships at scale.

And for a brand with real ambition, it’s the missing link.

If you’d like to talk about your DXA strategy, get in touch