4 Key Steps To Automation Success

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Planning is key when it comes to maximising your marketing efforts.

And automation is no exception.

Here are the four key steps to automation success.

Decide What Needs Automating

Automation helps with simplifying recurring, repetitive tasks for sales and marketing teams. So the first step is identifying those tasks. Tasks like sending emails, answering customer queries and posting to social media. 

Before you start thinking about platforms and strategies, let’s take a step back. Make a list of all the tasks you or your team carry out. Consider how much time would you would save for each task.

Choose Your Automation Channels

The next step is choosing the right marketing automation software. The tasks you need to cover will steer the technology you choose.  

And with so many out there, this could be the most daunting of tasks. Do your research. We’d be more than happy to talk through the possibilities with you. 

There are plenty of affordable and free trials out there. So use the free trials wisely to understand how much it can help your business.

Adapt To Automation

Automation makes things more efficient, yes.

However, it requires the buy-in from those who will be using it (or investing in it). Sharing the benefits of automation with colleagues is a good step in onboarding them. 

It’s not uncommon for marketers to feel threatened by marketing automation. Point them in the direction of our blog ‘Will marketers be automated out of a job?’ for some reassurance.

And schedule in training for users. As efficient as automation is, it still requires human interaction, knowledge and delivery. 

Review And Optimise

When everything is set up and running, then it’s time to review. Not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but so important.

As with all good marketing processes, continually reflect, review and optimise the performance of your automation tactics!

If you’d like more infomation on marketing automation for your business, then get in touch today.


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