Will Marketers Be Automated Out Of A Job?

Marketing automation

Uh oh… The robots are taking over again!

Self-service checkouts in supermarkets. Pay-at-pump options at petrol stations. ATMs on every high street. In this digital age, we’re surrounded by automation. And the worry that technology is stealing jobs from helpless humans is not something new.

Marketers now operate in a world of Siri, automated emails and chatbots. So it’s not surprising they feel a little nervous.

They were once responsible for sending out that timely ‘welcome email’ to a specific data set. But now their email automation platform does it for them.

They were also responsible for tracking and optimising digital ad performance. And guess what? Their ad platform now updates their creative based on performance automatically. Like magic!

Isn’t automation great? All those monotonous tasks delegated to the ‘robots’! This leaves marketers more time to boost their careers with more engaging responsibilities.

That’s the way we see it, anyway. So listen up marketers, here is how to make automation work for you and your marketing career.

How to add self-value through automation

Automation processes are becoming more sophisticated. And so are the skills needed to manage them. Automation platforms are easy-to-use and designed with seamless user experience in mind. It’s made even easier by boundless YouTube ‘how to’ videos and tutorials online.

The fate of the marketer is in their hands. Do they:

A. Embrace the changes in marketing automation?


B. Decide not to develop their skills?

If you’re a marketer and you chose Option A, then congratulations – the only way is up!

If you opted for B, then you may wish to consider a career switch in the not-to-distant future.

By choosing to embrace marketing automation, you’ll learn how to use it to your advantage. With more advanced skills, come more impactful campaigns.

So stay on the ball. The best digital professionals are keen learners and new automation technology excites them. After all, automated processes reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks. And with this time, they can focus on the more strategic side of marketing activity. Instead of creating manual email marketing reports in Microsoft Excel, you can build a strategy for humanising your automation efforts – we know which one sounds more interesting!

The power of data in marketing automation

Automation creates powerful data. And data is the driving force behind your campaigns. It helps you optimise your activity based on previous campaign performance and customer data. It’s the job of the marketer to interpret this data and to build winning strategies around it.

Our top tip: Embrace Automation!

Marketers of the future will spend less time on the boring stuff. And with the extra capacity, they will enjoy launching smarter, more lucrative campaigns.

So get comfortable marketing people, there’s a lot of life in you yet!

Now you’re feeling better, why not learn how to overcome the four biggest challenges with marketing automation? Or if you have a specific automation challenge you need expert advice on, then please get in touch.


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