Why You Can Trust Your Brand To Automation

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It’s a question we’ve often been asked. So let us help clear this one up.

As with any new and unknown process, it’s only natural to be cautious in your approach, particularly when the business or brand reputation is at stake. Here are four tips to ensure that the only brand impact your automated process has is a positive one!

Keep it consistent

From emails to social media posts to PPC adverts, remember to keep your communications consistent and do not bombard your audience, especially when launching multi-channel campaigns. Take time to map out when you plan to speak with your customers and via which channel.

Agree on key campaign messages

When planning for marketing campaigns across multiple channels, consider the key campaign messages at the planning stage. In larger marketing teams, where you have different responsibilities, ensure each team member is aware of other communications that are planned, to ensure consistent messaging and to prevent repetition and bombardment!

Individualisation and Humanisation

Even through automated communications, you can build authentic relationships with your customers. From targeting, to data collection, to personalisation, there are so many ways you can make automation feel more human.

Tone of voice

Agree on the voice of your brand by creating brand guidelines. This can be as simple as a one-pager you refer to. It would cover how you want your customers to feel when you talk to them, and what language style and tone you will use.

As a general rule, stay away from industry jargon in your communications and keep your copy informal and conversational. Review your communications regularly and when launching new campaigns, crosscheck against your brand guidelines.

There are many other ways of managing your brand reputation through marketing automation.

If you’d like to discover how your business could benefit from automation, then get in touch today.


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