Why satisfaction’s not enough when it comes to customer retention

Customer satisfaction

How satisfied are your customers with your service?

Did you know that 60-80% of customers who say they’re satisfied do not buy again?

So the better question might be: How connected are you with your customers? And here’s why…

Customers don’t repurchase on their satisfaction with your service alone. Of course, it’s important. But what truly matters to encourage repeat custom is the connection you have with them. I remember an amazing experience I had at a restaurant a few years ago, but cannot remember the name of it. If only they’d kept in touch with me, I might have recommended them more often or revisited.

How to connect with existing customers

Building a strong personal connection with your customers is the key to repurchasing success. And it’s all made a little easier by marketing automation. Here are our five tips for connecting with each one of your existing customers on a personal level:

Map out a communication strategy

If you have hundreds of individuals to connect with, consistency is key. So map out an insight-led customer journey and highlight the points where you will connect with them. There are some easy-to-use, visual tools to help you build journeys in most automation platforms.

Use a CRM system

There’s no need to rely on your memory to remind you when and how you should be contacting customers. Within automation platforms, you can set up reminders and keep up to speed with where they are in their customer life cycle. You’ll be able to see every point of contact you’ve had with each customer in a clear, manageable way!

Humanise your communications

With automating your communications, you’re sending customers on pre-built journeys. So of course, one of the biggest challenges is making your communications feel human. Lucky for you, we have a blog post dedicated to it. It’s all about humanising your marketing automation.

Get as social as they are

Put your brand where your customers are. Many brands feel they need to do it all. Our advice is to find out where your existing customers hang out online and have a presence there. There are plenty of social media scheduling platforms out there. And they can help you plan and post your content in advance so you can be present, even when you’re not.

Create useful and relevant content

It’s one of the key challenges of marketing automation experts: creating content!

To connect with your audience, you must share content which they find engaging, useful or entertaining. Why not write a ‘how to’ guide which solves a problem you know they have? Or you could also share a case study relating to their pain points? Or you might want to share entertaining video content through social media. There are plenty of ideas out there to engage your audience in effective, automated ways!

Learn more

Our advice is simple: build stronger connections with your audience.

By delivering a satisfactory service alone, you are not guaranteeing that they will come back to you. Keep your brand at the forefront of their minds. And if you need help with your strategy or implementation, please get in touch today.


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