Why Marketing Agencies Need Automation

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What does a typical deadline look like from one of your clients?

Do 1-hour deadlines sound familiar?

Or maybe a day or a week turnaround time if you’re lucky?

It’s the industry we’re in. The dreaded ‘ASAP’ deadline we all see every day in emails from clients. And, regardless of SLAs and empty promises, it will almost certainly never change.

So how can marketing agencies create more time to create great work and keep meeting their clients’ expectations? 

The answer: automation.

Here are some reasons why marketing agencies should prioritise automation.

Generate more clients (automatically!)

If you’re a growing agency, it’s likely you’ll already have a process of attracting new clients. And if that’s through a digital channel (like LinkedIn for instance), it can be automated. 

Automating the way you attract your clients is a great start. Better still, you can automate the way you nurture them. Try onboarding new clients with a series of automated communications. Well nurtured relationships with clients lead to more lucrative relationships and recurring revenue!

Be more specific about the clients you (really!) want

You want your message in front of the right people. There are some fantastic automated platforms out there to help.

With almost all digital platforms you can identify your target audience by specifics. Take Facebook advertising for example. You can target your ad at people based on their demographics, location and interests – to name a few!

Tailor your message depending on your audience profile or their behaviour. The more personalised you can be, the more impactful your efforts will be.

Open up time for your creatives to be… creative

If your agency is anything like Airbase, you’ll be experts in what you do. You might be a creative agency, a Google Ads agency or similar. But how much of your time is actually spent on being the specialist?

You don’t need to get bogged down by repetitive tasks within your business. Instead, enjoy an extra lump of time where you can focus on what you’re really good at.

Lead the way in your sector

Regardless of what you specialise in, you should set a good example of great marketing! 

So make sure you showcase your knowledge and expertise. Follow, trial and test the latest marketing channels. Do things differently. Keep changing with the times. Start a podcast, launch your TikTok – whatever works to ensure you’re regularly positioning yourself where your audience is.

Hands up marketing agencies

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