Trouble Scaling Up? Here’s What You Need To Do

Trouble scaling your business?

We’ve all been there: face pressed against the glass ceiling, struggling to scale upwards but with no idea of what’s holding us back.

In truth, this is largely caused by the processes you do or don’t have in place. Occasionally, you just have to take a step back and pinpoint where you might be missing out on opportunities.

From what you’re offering to who you’re targeting, everything needs to be brought under the microscope. Here, we break down your next steps towards growth.

Get your proposition airtight

First, analyse your products and services. This isn’t to change the nature of your business, but rather to review your clients and what they get from your offering, as well as to reaffirm your understanding of their expectations. You’ll gain a firmer grasp of their pain points and be able to refine your proposition so that you can address them more directly.

But why stop there? If you can see your current clients are still struggling to achieve their goals, why not broaden out your services? You can upsell more advanced products and further increase the value they receive from you.

Companies that offer the opportunity to upsell get up to 95% of the revenue they receive from this source. In fact, upselling increases your revenue by up to 30% on average, and is often a lot cheaper than acquiring new customers. After all, they’re already invested in you – so take the opportunity to learn from them and maximise deal value.

Nurture leads who don’t convert right away

Next, let’s look at the contacts that aren’t buying. Don’t get us wrong, you can’t win ’em all. But there will be a number of leads who discover your brand at a time when they just aren’t ready to convert. 73% of these will then fall off your radar due to a lack of follow-up.

We’re not blaming you here – in fact, it’s almost impossible for your team to realistically capture and convert every opportunity that knocks on your door. This is why automation is such a dominant technology in business today. It helps organisations like yours experience a 341% increase in opportunities by nurturing all those who don’t immediately convert.

While getting your team to be more alert to opportunities can go some way to help, they won’t be as efficient as automation. With the ability to personalise follow-up messages and send them automatically at key times, automation frees up your staff to concentrate on work that drives the business forward rather than simply sustain it.

Focus on business development

Obviously it’s better to focus on what you do best as a leader, but taking the time to develop your business and adopt new technologies is a safe bet in terms of success.

Today, 75% of businesses use sales and marketing automation software in some capacity. 76% of marketers see a positive ROI within a year of implementation. Pick the right one, and smashing through that glass ceiling won’t feel like such an unattainable goal.

The trick is to whittle down the 7,000+ platforms to choose from and check it achieves all of your objectives before trialling it. Of course, without the expertise in-house, deciding on a platform and even maintaining it can be a little daunting. Some solutions are incredibly niche and only relate to specifically sized businesses or industries. But with a bit of meticulous research, you can integrate something that’ll contribute to the long-term success of your organisation.

Use the support of an independent agency

At Airbase, we’re all about automation. So much so, we have a range of services dedicated to getting businesses familiar with sales and marketing software, and using it to its full potential. Our experts can pair you with a platform that’s best suited to your needs, and transfer your business model over unscathed.

So, if you’re ready to future-proof your organisation, get in touch today.

And if you’d like to refine your scaling-up strategy even further, take some inspiration from the virtual More Sales Less Work Summit. Hear us and a number of industry experts discuss how to build a business that’s designed to thrive.


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