The secret to successful sales & marketing automation

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For me marketing automation represents endless possibilities. It’s an exciting & fast-moving space to be in.

Not only is it growing at a rate of over 19% per year, but investment in marketing automation technology is expected to double over the next 5 years and become a $25 billion industry.

Many companies already realise that in today’s competitive market, traditional marketing approaches on their own are not enough to grow a business. You need to combine strategy, creativity and technical expertise to remain profitable as you grow.

The magic happens when you blend old-school marketing & new-world technology in the right way.

At Airbase we deliver culture-led and experience-led, not technology-led, automations for this exact reason.

You see, it’s not the technology that makes an automated process successful.

You need to focus on the client’s experience of that process & how it influences their relationship with your business. Without human-focused communication skills & a holistic approach to the client journey your strategy will fall flat.

We call it ‘human-to-human automation’. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn

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