The Myths Of Marketing Automation

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Automating your marketing is a great way to streamline, simplify and measure processes. You can increase revenue and create more productive and impactful marketing.

There are a few things to consider when getting started with marketing automation.

But before you dive in though, perhaps it’s worth busting a few myths first.

Automated marketing is just firing out emails

Email is still by far the most popular automated channel, so we get it. But marketing automation can involve a wide range of other channels too. These can include SMS, online chat, social and search advertising and even direct mail. All of them can play a valuable role in a marketing automation strategy.

Automated marketing is always to right thing to do

Wrong! We’re the first to admit that marketing automation isn’t always the right thing to do for your business. Whether it’s a good fit for you or not can be influenced by many different factors, including the nature of your business and your customers, and what you want to achieve.

Marketing is only for established brands

You don’t need a large customer database. In fact, you can automate with only a handful of customers. And if you’re a growing business, automating your marketing early on can be best practice. It can help speed up your growth and get you in the best position for later, when you do have more customers on board.

Automated marketing requires fewer marketers

This is a myth so commonly repeated we’ve written a blog about it – the future of the marketer. We’re pleased to say the demand for marketers will only increase. Automation will always need skilful and creative minds.

Once we have our customer, the job of marketing automation is complete

Marketing automation not only helps you acquire new customers, but it helps you look after your existing customers too. Take time to consider your customer’s journey with your business. Automation techniques can turn one-off customers to long-term raving fans.

Have any myths of your own?

Feel free to get in touch to talk more about your business and the potential of automating your marketing activity.


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