The Importance of Customer Experience

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What is your value proposition?

The value proposition is the reason customers choose you above your competitors.

It’s the promise you make to your customer and the reason your target audience stick around to find out more. It’s not an official business need, like a business name or address. But it’s just as (if not more) important to the success of your business.

So what does your value proposition have to do with customer experience?

Answer: Everything.

Your value proposition shapes the decisions you make. 

It shapes the language you use to speak to your audience. It shapes the style of your website and communications. And it shapes the way customers feel and talk about your brand.

Businesses often find there is a separation between their value proposition and their target audience. This is why they should regularly revisit it and ensure it aligns with the customer experiences they deliver.

So what does a good value proposition look like?

  • It’s clear and easy for the customer to understand
  • It highlights the benefits of choosing your products or services
  • It emphasises differences and USPs (unique selling points)
  • It doesn’t use industry or business jargon 
  • It can be expressed in no more than a couple of sentences

How to Build Positive Customer Experiences

When you’ve mastered your value proposition, it’ll bring clarity to your strategic planning. And when you plan and execute activity with this in mind, you’ll adopt a customer-first approach.

Trust and loyalty activity starts by fulfilling the promises set out in your value proposition. If you promise same-day delivery from a smiling delivery driver, you MUST provide it every time. 

Customers want to see you fulfilling your promise through all customer touchpoints.

Here are some of our favourite examples:

Uber: The Smartest Way To Get Around

Slack: Be More Productive at Work with Less Effort

Airbase: The Simplest Way to Make More Sales

See Airbase in action

Let us help you align your value proposition with your marketing activity. We help you experiment, innovate and deliver automated marketing activity effectively. So why not get in touch today?


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