What’s the First Step in Setting Up an Automated Process?

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It’s a questions we’re often asked: what’s the first step with automation? Where should I start?

Well, before any automation can happen, it’s vital to define your goals. 

Without that, you’re falling at the first hurdle.

As someone once said: “A goal properly set is halfway reached”

At Airbase, goal setting comes before even the first step towards automation. Your goals are the solid foundation you build on. Objectives could include things like:

  • Increase website conversions by 150% in three months
  • Decrease unsubscribe rates from email campaigns by 10% within two weeks
  • Save an average of 4 hours per week for my marketing team
  • Replace manual tasks with an automated system that gets higher customer satisfaction scores

We also work with clients who want to ‘just increase sales’ or ‘get more of the customers we want’, and that’s fine too. We’ll help you get clear on some specific goals to deliver that result.

The First Step in an Automated Process

So if goal-setting is a warm-up to the first step, what is the first step?

The first thing we like to do is create a visual plan.

We’ll draw a picture of the customer journey, literally map it all out, including all the ‘touchpoints’ you currently have with your prospects and customers: who you have contact with, via which channel and at what time. 

We also consider what the lifetime journey of a customer is. When do they first interact with you? Is it through a small purchase? A downloadable product? Or something free?

How long do they stick around or buy from you? And when and why do they bid you farewell?

Imagine your customer’s journey with your business as one (or several) big map(s), illustrating the path they follow with you and your products or services.

With your customer journey all mapped out, you’re ready to start turning it into a brand new, seamlessly automated process.

It’s all the kind of stuff we love helping our clients with.  

If you think we can help you too, get in touch today!


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