The answer is human-to-human automation

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I work in an industry that typically just sells technological solutions, but it’s not the tech that makes an automated process successful.

In fact, technology is just one piece of the puzzle. The way we integrate it, harness and humanise it are the keys to success.

Brands want repeat and loyal customers, but how can you be sure you can trust your brand’s reputation to an automated process?

The answer is human-to-human automation.

Even though automations are built on digital technology they can still include individual personalised elements such as:

– Responding to each individual customer’s actions & behaviour

– Delivering timely & relevant messages via their preferred medium

– Creating a personalised experience for each customer journey

Every customer journey is different. It’s the human-focused communication skills & 360-degree view of the process that our clients buy.

A successful, automated, personalised process is one that connects a brand with its customers, grows loyalty and repeat business AND saves time and money.

Do you want to find out more about generating more sales from your existing customers? Send us a message and let’s have a chat.

How do you build brand loyalty with your customers?

Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn


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