3 Steps To Get Your Business On Track Post-COVID-19

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The great freeze of lockdown is beginning to thaw. Businesses are chomping at the bit to return to normality. But why settle for normality? If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be better.

Over the past two months, countless businesses have been tripping over themselves trying to close any opportunity they could get their hands on. Others saw how a lack of online presence left them no opportunities at all.

Fact is, should the worst happen, you can’t afford to make these same mistakes again. And, thanks to our three steps to getting back on track post-COVID-19, you won’t. Here’s how to future-proof your business as you recover.

Step one: Build landing pages for online leads capture

First and foremost, you need a way to generate leads. You could have the fanciest, highest ranking website in the world, but if it doesn’t convert, it counts for nothing.

That’s where landing pages come in. They’re a single-purpose website page designed to capture leads. You should be using them as part of your social media, email marketing and ad campaigns. In fact, 48% of marketers build a dedicated landing page for every new campaign they run.

Once built, remember to test them. Try experimenting with the layout and copy to find the right formula that moves leads through your funnel. Videos can increase conversions by 86%, so try creating variations of pages with and without.

Step two: Profile leads and adopt online chat

61% of marketers send all their leads to the sales team, but only around 27% of them are qualified. That is, only a quarter of leads have expressed an immediate interest to buy. By rushing the remaining 73%, you’re effectively forcing their hand – and nothing makes them bounce out of your funnel quicker.

Instead, you’ll need to build up their intent to buy with downloadables and engaging site content. This content can even be scored, so that when leads interact with it, you can determine how close they are to becoming customers (and prioritise the best ones).

When they reach a certain score, contact them. Some leads may even call you first if they’re interested in pricing. Make reaching out and answering queries like this as simple as possible by installing web chat software and remaining active on it.

Step three: Follow up consistently

Following up with your leads shouldn’t be something you turn off and on. If you’ve got a pipeline riddled with holes, any resources you pour into it will only come flooding out. And what greater hole is there than one in your sales process?

You must ensure every lead who comes through your landing page gets what they need to warm up. They need to be contacted, and then routinely checked in on as they progress further down the funnel.

Do that, and you’ll enjoy an average 451% increase in sales opportunities – especially if you use targeted messages. Personalisation is proven to keep leads from falling off your radar.

Or you could just automate it…

All the above sounds great, right? But who the hell has the time? You’ll be so focused on rekindling business relationships and figuring out seating plans in light of social distancing, you’ll have no time to factor in any of these steps.

And that’s why you need RunWay. RunWay is sales automation made simple.

Once you implement our plug-and-play solution, landing pages, lead scoring and follow-up emails will be all handled automatically. The result? Your chance of a sale will increase by 451% and you’ll have agile infrastructure in place to weather any storm.

So what are you waiting for? Future-proof your business today, or email us on


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