WTF is a Marketing Automation Agency?

Marketing Automation Could Boost Your Results by 341%

According to research by, only 27% of leads ever get followed up? With the right process, and help from technology, this could increase to 92% – a massive 341% increase.

Whatever the reason for those stats – stretched resources, pressure on time, lack of planning… –  they represent both a major problem and a big opportunity for many businesses.

Marketing automation is often part of the solution. And as dedicated marketing automation specialists, that’s what we deliver.

By using technology to automate marketing tasks and enhance existing processes you can ensure activity happens reliably and consistently, making life easier for everyone.

Marketing automation helps your team make the most of their unique skills and value. It frees them from repetitive tasks and provides the insight they need to make more informed decisions.

How to Use Marketing Automation

Even with software getting more advanced, the core principles of marketing are as important as ever. The tech should never determine your strategy; that should come from your customer and marketing objectives.

Delivering communications to the right people, in the right way and at the right time remains crucial.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with automation is to forget those key fundamentals. It’s easier than ever to launch campaigns, but with that comes the temptation to make less effort with strategy and planning.

Marketing automation should make sound marketing processes simpler, more seamless, more efficient and more effective. But if the process is flawed to begin with, automating it will simply makes things worse.

So it’s not an excuse to get lazy. Think strategically; plan carefully and build campaigns that will nurture your audiences for longer-term success.

We do the planning, creation & implementation to get all this working in your business:

Sales & Marketing Automation Strategy

Multi-Channel Marketing Automation

Data Management

Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring

CRM & Automation Platform Consulting

Email, SMS & Chat Automation

Client Retention

Sales Attribution Tracking & Reporting

Marketing Smarter Not Harder

Listen to Airbase Founder & CEO Phil Slorick discuss the benefits of using marketing technology in your business on Episode 5 of the Million Dollar Customer podcast, with Zoe Cuthbertson.

Million Dollar Customer Podast - Episode 5

by Phil Slorick & Zoe Cuthbertson

“I’d pay whatever it took for Airbase to do their magic. They’re excellent.”

James Welch, Director, Embryo Digital

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