Problems with Marketing Automation

Problems with marketing automation

What Are The Problems In Marketing Automation?

We often talk about the great benefits to implementing sales and marketing automation processes, but what are the problems and challenges it can bring? 

Here we look at the most common challenges businesses face with their automation strategies.

Lack of content

Content is the energy that fuels marketing automation. Without content, what will you share with your audience and how will you turn them into long-term customers? So spend time researching what your audience will find genuinely useful and of value. And if you’re struggling to create content, hire industry-specific bloggers, content marketing agencies and of course, do your own research.

Overreliance on email

With instant access to our emails on our mobile devices these days, it’s not surprising that businesses choose email as their go-to channel. With costs like $0.01 per email delivered, it proves to be one of the most lucrative ways of converting leads. 

By focusing too much on email though, are you putting all your eggs in one basket? 

Changing laws on privacy and spamming, as well as customer behaviour, could well be holding you back. See what other channels your automation platform can focus on and test them. You might find you achieve an even better return on your investment.

Process integration

Not being able to integrate marketing and sales automation platforms is often a barrier to automation success. When marketing processes aren’t linking to sales efforts, it can lead to increased workload and frustration. So for more effective automation efforts, choose an automation tool that integrates the two.

Communicate effectively

We’ve talked about it before in our making marketing automation feel more human blog post, but the power of humanising your processes should not be underestimated. 

We also find that once users have mastered an automation process, it can be all too tempting to bombard customers with communications, leading to decreasing response rates and devaluing of their brand. 

So consider the timings of your campaigns and the language you use when talking to your customers.

If you’d like a more in-depth view of what marketing automation can do for your business, please get in touch.


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