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4 Latest Ways to Get & Keep Customers Automatically

As technology gets smarter, so do the automation tactics that marketers deploy. 

But what are the latest trends in marketing automation? And what can we expect more of in the years to come?

Online Chat Automation

Delivering positive customer experiences has always been paramount to success for brands. And as artificial intelligence gets smarter so the better automated chat becomes. Technologies are learning to tailor responses based on human behaviour. You can expect more human-like conversations from them in future.

Triggered emails

Gone are the days when marketers would just send blanket emails to their entire database. Instead, the best campaigns use more targeted and personalised triggered email campaigns.

Triggered emails perform better. Why? Because customers are expecting them. When they sign up to receive an offer and you send them an email confirmation, they know it’s coming. Or when you send them an SMS reminder of an appointment they’ve booked in the future, they’re expecting it. Triggered messages work. We are four times more likely to open them than broadcast messages. Plus, we are a whopping 152% more likely to click through. From a marketing perspective, what’s not to love about them?

Programmatic Direct Mail

There are huge advances in direct mail automation technologies. Now, like triggered emails, we can trigger direct mail campaigns. Programmatic direct mail allows us to deliver communications to customers at the moment they should want to read it. And it’s all triggered by the customer, without the need for human involvement.

What was a very manual, closed and insular process can now be seamless and automated. It’s all thanks to more available integrations between platforms.

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

We’ll soon see the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger supporting automated communications. In fact, the changes are already slowly happening. Similar to SMS communications, they’re likely to be service-based messages, for example delivery updates, order confirmations or reminders.

What to do next?

There are many proven ways to automate your marketing efforts. Why not discover how your business could save time and see bigger returns on your spend?  Get in touch today for a free consultation.


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