At last! How to maximise your profits from every customer

Has your business hit £1million+?

This approach has:

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Everything discussed in your call is specific to businesses like yours in the health & wellness sector.

You’ll leave with new ideas to:

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Who am I to make such wild promises?
Phil Slorick, Founder

I’m Phil Slorick, the founder of Airbase – a marketing agency that guarantees you better results.

      However, most unique is how we do this for you.

Firstly, we specialise in health & wellness businesses.

So we know your customers’ questions and concerns, what works, what doesn’t and why.

This knowledge is used to focus obsessively on your customer retention.

Getting existing buyers to spend more money, more often, over a longer period.

If you’re like most health & wellness businesses, you lose money on the first sale.

Frankly, that’s why other marketing agencies are a poor fit for you.

They spend all their energy chasing new leads. Customer retention is only an afterthought.

Over time, you’re bogged down with misspent budgets, unhappy customers, wasted time and lost revenues.

You miss the profits repeat purchases bring.

In my experience, this is particularly dangerous after your sales hit £1million/year.

Yet taking control of this situation is simple.

It starts with 3 simple questions most never think to ask.

Or keep reading to find out more …

Just a few intelligent changes produce whopping results. Supplement company LYMA saw their business grow tenfold:

“Airbase have done an excellent job. We targeted increases in retention and I’m pleased with the progress we’ve made, without additional demands on resources.

– Simon Goff, CEO, LYMA

How is this possible?

By sending your customers a carefully planned sequence of messages – tailored to their individual preferences.

Customers are segmented based on what they bought and when. Then sent relevant offers and updates to keep them coming back.

Your new leads are given the same high level of attention.

Behaviour tracking – both on and off your website – informs the types of messages they see next.

Now you’re no longer shouting amongst your rivals, trying to stand out.

You win new customers and maximise their value to your business by addressing their immediate needs.

Customers who stop buying are targeted with bespoke campaigns too – recovering profits you’d otherwise lose.

Everything is tracked, so you know what’s working, what isn’t and why.

And you stay in touch with customers as they experience your product.

Customer service messages update them on what to expect before they make negative judgments. It massively reduces bad reviews and customer complaints.

Building this automated system takes some upfront effort. However, when it’s done, your profits snowball with startling speed…

… while your customers enjoy a more human experience, taking their own personal journey with you.

What’s more, you manage everything with your current marketing and CRM tools

– keeping your project costs to a minimum.

You start turning a profit in the quickest possible time.

It’s how LYMA saw an almost immediate:

  • 29% growth in monthly revenue
  • 54% increase to each customer’s value
  • 211% ROI – in only 2 months

Like to do the same?

Let us help you convert your customers into a community of rabid, repeat buying fans – it takes surprisingly little effort.

According to Semrush, cold leads have only a 5-20% chance of buying. Meanwhile, your previous customers are 60-70% likely to buy again.

Keeping ONE customer is like getting 7-12 new ones.

This single improvement opens a floodgate of extra profits.

Armed with these consistent, predictable revenues, you can afford to outbid rivals on advertising.

Or promote offers they simply can’t afford.

Your business grows with unstoppable speed.

Of course, I’m hoping – like LYMA – you’ll work with me on this.

That you’ll see the benefit of having this done for you, by people who’ve made it happen for dozens of health & wellness brands like yours.

However, that’s not the sole purpose of your free call.

First, I want to know your biggest frustrations.

What’s getting in your way … where should you focus your energy first?

I expect this discussion to be well worth your 15 minutes.

And it’s absolutely FREE.

Your missed sales can never be recovered. Your lost customers may never return.

So why delay another moment?

Why not do it right now, before something else distracts you?


Phil Slorick
Founder, Airbase

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