Mautic marketing automation platform: How does it compare?

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Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform. It’s also completely free if you use the self-hosted version (a cloud-hosted paid version is available too).

So how good is it and is it right for your business and skill set?

Mautic is often mentioned in the same breath as platforms like ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft, though it’s actually quite different to both of them. Here’s our quick review of the platform, which should help guide your decision. 

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Things to Look Forward to with Mautic Marketing Automation Platform

Mautic has everything you’d expect from a marketing automation platform, including the ability to create powerful automated journeys with the visual campaign builder. Below are some other key features worth considering:

Lead scoring: Mautic has an easy to understand lead scoring system. This means you can put a value to each of your leads and use that to launch more impactful campaigns.

Data segmentation: Mautic allows you to segment your lists in many different ways. In fact. managing lists on the platform is all based on segmentation. It’s perfect for big data sets with many smaller segments.

Web activity tracking & dynamic content: Mautic offers the analytics and reporting functionality needed to track the success of your campaigns. It also allows you to display targeted content on your website based on a contact’s behaviour.

Powerful integrations: Mautic has a well-developed API for building custom-integrations with other services, and has a particularly useful integration with Twilio. Twilio is a leading marketing communication platform for sending SMS messages as well as integrating with other messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. If you’re looking to automate these channels, it’s certainly worth exploring.

Things to Look Out For with Mautic Marketing Automation Platform

Before you dive headlong into Mautic, there are some things you need to be mindful of.

Not as easy to use? Many platforms pride themselves on their ease of use, though this often results in compromises in other areas. And although the Mautic Community has a suite of how to videos, it’s fair to say the platform takes a bit of getting used to, mainly because of the wealth of options and flexibility it provides. So before committing, consider your skill set and expertise.

Extra costs: Because of its more complex usability, you may end up hiring a Mautic professional to manage it for you. And if you opt for the free, self-hosted version, the set-up is pretty technical so you’re likely to need help getting it up and running.

Guides and documentation: Unsurprisingly, the free version of Mautic is community supported, through forums. Because of this, guides and documentation can sometimes be a bit thin, making it tricky to find specific answers without asking for help.

Mautic Pricing – How much does Mautic cost?

As mentioned above, there is a free version that you download and host on your own server. That sounds good in theory, but unless you are technically confident (or have experienced techies to hand) there will be additional cost to hire someone to install the software and get it set up for you.

With the paid version, unlike the pricing pages from some competitors, Mautic’s pricing is less transparent as you need to request a quote through their website. In fairness this is to be expected with a platform that shouldn’t be thought of as an entry-level product.

Is Mautic right for you?

To save you the time researching, why not get in touch? After talking to us about your marketing automation needs, we’ll match you up with your perfect tool.

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