Marketing Automation Software: Does it help, or is it hype?

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Marketing Automation Software: Does it help or is it hype?

Being a marketing automation agency, you may already know where we stand…

But in this article, we want to explain why it can help your business.

So here goes.

What Is Marketing Automation Software?

Marketing automation software streamlines marketing processes and tasks. It’s those same tasks that were once long-winded or mundane. 

Marketing automation software also improves the return on investment we get from campaigns. We can now track customer behaviour and target customers more accurately and insightfully than before.

What Is Marketing Automation Software Used For?

Here are the common areas that marketing automation software can help marketers with:

  • Launching a campaign

Within marketing automation platforms, you can do it all. You can build audiences, design creatives, manage customer data – to name a few. Used effectively, you can build acquisition campaigns and improve the retention of existing customers.

  • Planning and mapping out journeys

With most marketing automation software, you can map out your customer journeys. By doing so, you build workflows of the communications that they receive and at what time, based on their actions.

  • Targeting and segmenting your audience

Particularly with email marketing, automation software has revolutionised the way we target customers. We can target based on demographics, devices and behaviour. The customer data stored plays a big role in the success of every campaign launched.

  • Real-time Optimisation

With some digital channels, campaigns allow optimisation in real-time. Imagine you’re running a Facebook campaign. The ads your customers see will automatically switch and optimise based on real-time performance.

Another example would be by email. You can test the subject lines of an email campaign within an email service platform. You might wish to send one version to 10% of the audience, and another version to another 10%. The software automatically detects the best subject line with the highest open rate. Then, it will automatically send to the remaining 80% of the audience with that subject line.

  • Reporting and analytics

Marketing automation software delivers insightful post-campaign data. And because it’s all automated, it does all the gathering of data for you. Wave goodbye to endless inconsistent reports and manually crafting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets!

Choosing Marketing Automation Software

We’ve shared the great benefits of choosing marketing automation software, but what next? Get in touch today to discover how powerful automation could be for your marketing.


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