How To Start A Podcast For Less Than The Price Of Your Average Weekly Shop

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Ever thought of taking the plunge into podcast creation?

The web (and the minds of customers) are filling up with written and video content across the web. This has created a juicy gap in the market for sound-based marketing activity.

And more specifically, podcasts.

So why not give it a try? It’s a pretty risk-free opportunity that might prove to be more fruitful than you’d expect.

And it needn’t be costly.

What’s The Minimum You Need To Get Started?

A microphone and an internet connection.

And of course, you have both of those with your phone!

There are also specialist apps and services you can use to help you, whether for just storing the recordings or a complete production facility.

For our Million Dollar Customer podcast we use Buzzsprout to store and distribute episodes. There are many other affordable options out there, which all do a similar things. Some to research include Podbean, SoundCloud, Anchor, iRig Recorder and Opinion.

There are plenty of gadgets available too. But in this article, we’ve just focused on the basics you need to get up and running.

Things To Remember :

  • When recording, there’s no need to stop or pause. You can edit out any errors or awkward moments later. Or not.
  • Keep your episodes between 20-30 minutes in length.
  • Feeling nervous? The more you record, the more confident you’ll feel and the less shaky your voice will sound!
  • If you forget your train of thought, then pause until you remember. You can identify gaps and errors and remove later.
  • Keep it conversational. The best podcasts should make the audience feel like they’re in the room with you!

Create Your Podcast Brand

As with any marketing channel, your customer should come first. What do they want to learn or hear about? Come up with a concept you know they’ll love. Before recording your first podcast, consider how long each episode will be. And don’t underestimate your artwork. Make it professional and in line with your branding.

One thing often forgotten is your intro and outro. Like you remember the theme tune to your favourite (or least favourite) soap on TV, the same goes for podcasts. Your intro and outro can provide a hook at the start, and a reason to come back next time before the end. Combined with a catchy piece of music, it can be very effective.

Where To Submit Your Podcast?

The most accessible for the majority will be iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify. This will depend on your audience. If your audience is unfamiliar with podcasts, then don’t be put off. Everyone has a ‘first podcast’ – why can’t it be yours?!

Top Tip: Just Do It!

Now you know what you need to get started, you’re out of excuses. It’s time to record your first episode…

Your first episode won’t be perfect. But neither will your second, third or fourth. The only real way to improve is to do it, learning as you go.

“But what shall I talk about?” I hear you ask!

Well, by now we imagine you know your overarching topic. But before diving straight in, why not start with you? Who is it recording the podcast? Your first episode is a perfect chance to introduce yourself. Include the reasons why your audience should continue tuning in.

One Final Thought On Podcasts

Our secret would be to listen to the best podcasts out there. Podcasts are still relatively new and evolving.

A great way to improve your email marketing is to subscribe to competitors’ mailing lists. And the same applies to podcasts. Tune in to competitors podcasts or to those who are topping the podcasts charts, to learn. They’re top for a reason!

Or help us climb the charts by tuning in to our podcast: Million Dollar Customer

We’re still fairly new to podcasting, so if you have any ideas or feedback, please let us know.

Happy Podcasting!


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