How To Minimise Your Email Unsubscribes

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When someone unsubscribes from your lists, it’s often a sign that they don’t like you, your brand or what you want to say. They’ve gone from opting in (caring about what you have to say) to opting out (not caring about what you have to say).

And that can feel like a slap in the face.

So how can we reduce the pain and minimise the number of face slaps?

Here are our five areas to concentrate on if you want to reduce your email unsubscribe rate:


Marketing is all about targeting the right people. It sounds simple, yet so many brands continue to send broadcast emails to their entire databases, hoping they’ll see a return. But they needn’t. 

Technology nowadays allows us to segment, tag and tailor our lists. So we can be super targeted with our messages in an impactful way to people who want to hear from us.


As well as targeting the right people, delivering your message at the right place is just as important. Historically, the placing of your advert has always been a vital step. Billboards have to be strategically placed on the right roadside and the right TV advert placed in the commercial break of their audience’s favourite show. 

And email is no different. The where has now become ‘platforms’ and ‘devices’, rather than places and advertising space. If your audience tends to open your email on mobile, then optimise your email marketing communications for mobile viewing!


What have you got to share with your audience? And why? Is it because you think it’s a good idea or because your content is of real value to them?

Bombarding people with irrelevant emails is one of the main reasons they unsubscribe. Clever subject lines can’t hide poor content forever…

Be smart with your content. Ask whether it’s of value to your contacts? And better still, why not ask them directly what they want to hear about?


Let your subscribers choose how they hear from you and how often. Every human out there is different. Some of us want daily communication and for some, an annual newsletter is more than enough. 

Respecting your audience builds a stronger connection with them. And that connection is key to email marketing (and brand building) success!


Targeting the right people, at the right place and at the right time. The timing of your email marketing plays a huge part in the open rate you achieve. What hours are your customers checking their emails? When do they start work? Or is it while they are on their lunch break? From our experience, 8:45 is a perfect time to send an email to 9 to 5’ers. But what about if your audiences are on night shifts or those without access to email in working hours? 

The key to discovering the perfect ‘when’ is to test. There are also some powerful tools on email software platforms where you can ask them to optimise the time emails are delivered, based on the individual’s previous activity.

What will you do next?

So now you have the ingredients to minimise your unsubscribe rate and optimise your email marketing performance. Want to learn even more?  Get in touch with us today.


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