How to Earn Customer Trust

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People forget what you say and what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel.

Let’s think about that for a second.

9 out of 10 websites will talk about how their brand is ‘trustworthy’, ‘customer focused’ and how they ‘go the extra mile’. But how can they turn those words into felt emotions?

We buy from brands we like and trust. So when positioning our own brand, we should remember three key areas worth investing in (both time and money).

Looking for long term loyalty

Too often businesses are looking to close the quick sale far too soon. Just like any other relationship in life, we must build trust over time with our customers. There is an emotional connection when making the purchase. And the higher the risk (usually financial or time), the stronger the connection with our customers needs to be.

So consider how you might nurture your prospective customers. When they first sign up for your newsletter or download your freebie, think about the journey you want them to take. What are the steps they need to take before they become a paying customer?

The time it takes for a prospect to become a customer should not be underestimated. Every message they receive should be consistent with your branding and what you have promised.

Deliver value to high quality data

Customers provide you with their personal details when they believe they will receive personalised and relevant content. So don’t let them down. 

When planning your communications, consider whether it benefits the customer. Even better, ask some of them before you send it. The best brands work with customer focus groups when launching new campaigns to make sure it is of value to them.

As for the data, think long term. Buying data from third parties is a risky move. Instead, why not consider developing your own lead generation strategy. This will make sure your relationship with customers is honest and starts as you mean to go on. 

Using automation technology

Do you have a good understanding of your customer journey and their behaviour? Then it’s time for marketing automation. There are a variety of automation tactics to simplify and optimise trust-building exercises.

Before diving in, remember automation tactics should suit your strategy. In your messaging remember the importance of humanising the customer experience. If you keep marketing best practice and the customer at the heart of everything you do, you’re on a pathway to success.

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