How Airbase Helped Periscope Wealth Set The Pace In Financial Services

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Wealth management company Periscope Wealth discovered Airbase at a turning point in their business.

Their previous sales and marketing campaigns had largely been outbound – usually telesales – and their lead management was informal. They knew that technology could take them to a whole new level of growth.

Following a LinkedIn meeting, Airbase set about creating a more consistent, scalable process for their lead generation. Here’s how we did it.

Who Is Periscope Wealth?

Periscope Wealth believes that financial success is having enough money to enjoy the moments that matter most. As such, they ensure that the capital you’ve built up over the years stays healthy and available when you need it.

Led by Tony Ioannides, the organisation provides a range of comprehensive financial support services – from retirement plans to family income protection. Their aim in this next period of growth is to make better use of technology in order to increase their client base and improve their customer offering.

What did they want to achieve?

At the time, Periscope Wealth’s outbound sales and marketing campaigns were somewhat ad hoc, making them tricky to optimise or analyse through KPIs. To challenge this, they needed to formalise their approach to winning new business and achieve consistent, increasing figures on a daily basis.

They needed to better qualify opportunities so that they could target the right people, at the right time. What’s more, they would need to broaden their routes to market by adding layers to their marketing activity – which was impossible without the right tech.

How did Airbase help?

Initially, behavioural challenges prevented Periscope Wealth from optimising their campaigns. The sales team couldn’t see the wood for the trees thanks to the amount of outbound campaigns they were running. Our goal was to clarify the process, and get the team working together more effectively so that they could better uncover (and act on) sales opportunities.

Applying our FlightPath custom automation service, we set about pairing Periscope Wealth with an appropriate platform – one that complemented their strengths and allowed us to create tailor-made processes. We incorporated lead-capturing tools like risk-profiling questionnaires and complimentary will assessments, so that their team could prioritise their time and qualify leads quicker.

The result

Marketing automation technology isn’t commonly associated with financial service companies. Yet it’s a great way to free up the time of internal teams, allowing those in the sector to experiment more with their campaigns and build their profile.

With their processes simplified and in sync, Periscope Wealth saw an immediate increase in opportunities. Secondary services have room to grow now that they can focus less on outbound, and the ability to quickly disqualify leads means resources are being better spent.

While it’s still early days, Periscope Wealth is already finding the freedom to capture, secure and nurture their leads in new and innovative ways.

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Quote from the client:

“Having somebody with experience over multiple industries and campaigns has been invaluable for us. It’s not just about the automation which helps in converting more clients but it is more about knowing what DOESN’T WORK before we waste money trying it. I see Airbase as an outsource Marketing and Operations Director rolled into one.”

Jonathan Paton, General Manager, Periscope Wealth


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