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Here at Airbase, we love all things marketing.

We constantly talk to fellow professionals and take pride in keeping up to date with key trends.

So much so, we wanted to share a snippet of where we think marketing is headed.

Trend 1: Online Quality Video Content

Video marketing is a bandwagon many have jumped on in the last few years, and no more so than in the last 8 months.

Consumers see video content across all their social platforms. They are becoming wiser to spotting the differences between useful content and useless content.

Keep the attention of your audiences by keeping videos short (below 40 seconds) on social. For longer videos, you can always link through from shorter videos. Give your audience a choice of how they consume your content.

Make sure every video you post is valuable to your audience. The moment you produce video content that’s not of any value, you compromise views of future video content.

Trend 2: Customer Research and Insight-Led Campaigns

Businesses have been getting smarter with the way they analyse their marketing efforts. With mass, sometimes overwhelming, volumes of analysis, marketers are gathering more insights. They are now using the gathered data to recognise trends and campaign performance.

From beginners to experts, over 50 million of us have used Google Analytics. It tells us where our customers live, what device they’re on and how they interact with our website pages. Data from sources like GA gives us key information helping us design more personalised communications.

All the answers to our most common challenges arise from insight. And the very best campaigns start with it, too.

Want to start delivering insight-led marketing automation activity?

Get in touch today for a free consultation and discuss how we can help you launch impactful marketing automation strategies.


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