Do you make the most of your customer journey?

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Most companies focus on getting new customers, perhaps not realising it’s the most difficult & expensive way to grow a business.

By contrast, the easiest & most profitable sales will always come from existing customers, the people who already know, like & trust you enough to have spent money with you.

So, while it’s great to get new customers, if you don’t have a process for keeping & developing your existing ones you’re missing a major opportunity.

Start by mapping out the journey customers take with your business.

This helps you understand who your best customers are & the journey they take with you. It helps you identify all the touchpoints along the route, the opportunities for interacting with them & strengthening your bond.

And by using automation you can turn that journey into a simple, reliable and predictable system to ensure a world-class experience for everyone.

Companies that have a plan for actively managing their customer journey increase return on marketing investment by 53% and their upsell and cross-sell revenue by 56%.

If it’s something you want advice on, let’s talk.

Do you have a process for cross-selling & upselling your products or services to existing customers?

Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn


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