Do you keep in touch with your customers & contacts regularly?

Keep in touch with customers

The madness started about this time last year.

We hadn’t seen anything like it before. Not since everyone decided the world was going to end at midnight, 31 Dec 1999.

Remember the Millennium Bug?

Last year’s equivalent was also attached a significant date: 25 May 2018.

On that date, if you didn’t have signed permission in triplicate from anyone you wanted to communicate with, your business would spontaneously combust… Either that or you’d wake up to find a £4m bill from the Information Commissioner on your doormat.

At least that was was the scaremongers would have you believe.

And of course it wasn’t true.

That’s not to say the GDPR coming into force was not a significant moment. It was.

But in truth, for most businesses, if you were behaving like a responsible adult over how you collected & used personal data before the GDPR (which you should have been), then it made little real difference.

Just don’t now use it as ANOTHER excuse for not contacting your customers & prospects… not providing value… not making their lives better. That is your responsibility.

Do you keep in touch with your customers & contacts regularly? Or are you sitting on data in your business & not sure what to do with it?

Drop us a message if you want some help.

Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn


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