Do you have a process for collecting client testimonials and referrals?

person showing two others something on their phone

If not, you’re missing out on a hugely effective way to grow your business and increase your sales.

Client referrals matter.

Research shows that referral leads convert 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels and have a 16% higher lifetime value (credit: Invesp).

Think about it: if a potential client is looking for a product or service you offer, one of the first things they’ll look at before committing to buy are the reviews and testimonials from other clients.

If they’re positive, it gives them more confidence in your company.

This means you start at a higher point of trust with your potential client, which increases the likelihood of closing a more profitable sale quicker.

Most businesses lack good tools and processes to collect testimonials and generate referrals.

One way to ensure you leverage every opportunity is to use marketing automation to manage your client testimonial and referral schemes. To find out how, just ask.

An engineered referral process can be very powerful. It is thorough, saves time and resources and results can be monitored and measured.

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What percentage of your business comes through client referrals?


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