Creating a personalised customer experience

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Marketing automation is perfect for creating a personalised customer experience & building relationships & loyalty over time.

It starts with mapping out your customer journey.

This is different for every business, but there are some common key moments in a customer’s journey that most businesses will experience:

Awareness & Engagement

First encounter with your business, for example via an ad or piece of content – Interaction at this stage, sometimes anonymous, provides a first ‘touchpoint’ in the journey


The individual has indicated interest in what you do – They now start to share data about who they are, their interests & intent


They become a paying customer at some level – Could be a low value transaction but there’s an important psychological shift in the relationship

Excitment & Ascention

Your new customer shows increased trust & engagement – The relationship deepens as they invest more money/time/resources with your business


Your customer starts actively promoting your business to others – They become your best & most profitable source of new business.

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Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn

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