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Do you struggle to join up internal processes in your business & keep multiple departments working together smoothly?

Did you know that automation can be used to get you both happier clients AND staff by driving key internal processes?

A significant part of the work we do is to link together & align internal departments of a business such as sales, marketing, customer service & IT.

We recently worked with a company that wanted to ensure a new client’s initial experience of the business was the best it could possibly be.

We built automations that sent notifications to key members of staff at certain points in the onboarding process, to make sure they did what they needed to at the right time.

We also joined up various internal systems to ensure human error was minimised & everything would continue seamlessly, even if a staff member was absent.

The result was an automated solution that not only saved time & money but ensured a consistent & high quality experience for every client.

Using automation to provide real time actionable data can help you create a truly client-focused business & is a very powerful driver for success.

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What internal business processes give you a headache?

Originally posted by Phil Slorick on LinkedIn


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