Right now, a lot of businesses are being cautious and putting their growth plans for the year on hold. We get it. The future certainly isn’t what it used to be. But now is the time to refine your strategy – not remove it.

If lockdown has a silver lining, surely it’s that the current climate has forced us to innovate. By reflecting on what you’re doing right – and what can be improved – there’s a chance you could come back stronger post-lockdown and drive sustainable, long-term growth.

So, what lessons can we take from recent months? Here are a few starters for ten.

The need for agility

The businesses that are getting the most out of lockdown are those that are quick to embrace the latest trends and tech. If your sales funnel has come to a standstill, it means that you need a similarly responsive approach that you can adapt in times of crisis.

For most, the coronavirus has demanded a huge shift away from cherry-picking hot opportunities and towards keeping audiences warm so that they’re ready to buy when it’s over. By only prioritising the select few leads that are interested, you’ll struggle to make the conversions you need.

But we get it, it’s not easy to change your sales strategy mid-pandemic. That’s why we created ThriveScore, a 90-second quiz that can help highlight opportunities for better lead capture, nurturing and conversion in your business. 

To harness the opportunity that lockdown could present, you effectively need to be good at spinning plates. The trick is to find software that’ll help you do just that…

 The power of digital

The results from ThriveScore so far point to a lack of digital experience. Combine this with the fact that many businesses have now furloughed the team members who usually handle lead interaction, and you get a staggered customer journey – with leads dropping out at every stage.

Digital smooths the path to conversion. After every interaction, automation technology can send personalised content to your leads, pushing them further down the funnel and priming them to buy once they’re able to.

The best bit? You’re now free to focus on building the business, instead of holding it together. In fact, right now, business owners everywhere are waking up to the cost benefit of marketing technology. After all, there’s no need to employ junior sales staff to make follow-up calls when you have software that can do it automatically.

 The cost of not automating

Businesses who automate are predicted to experience an average increase of 451% in qualified leads. Can you afford to turn that many opportunities away in this climate?

 And before you say it, no – the cost of automation won’t outweigh the increase in opportunities. In fact, 44% of companies that implement marketing automation see a return on investment within six months. 76% see it within the first year.

What’s more, not automating restricts company productivity by an average of 20%. Lockdown will be one of the biggest business challenges of our generation. Take it from us, it will pay to remove anything that gets in the way of high levels of quality output before we return to normal.

How Airbase can help

If ever there was a time to increase your chances of a sale by 451%, it’s now. And adopting marketing technology doesn’t have to cause disruption. We know you don’t need any more of that this year. 

It’s for this reason that we created RunWay. Our plug-and-play solution gives you the processes, technology and expertise necessary to get automation right the first time. Not only is it straightforward and affordable, but it can be set up quickly – meaning you’ll be able to get your business back on track as soon as lockdown ends.

Information on RunWay is available here.