6 Ways To Enhance Your Email Marketing Automation

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Email is still the most commonly-used channel in marketing automation.

But what is the best practice when it comes to automating email? And how can you maximise the return you get from your email activity?

This article focuses on triggered and automated emails, rather than one-off broadcast campaigns. 

Triggered emails are automated messages your customers receive, based on information you have about them, behaviour they display or specific actions they take. These emails are four times more likely to be opened, and much more likely to be acted on, than broadcast messages… an opportunity not to be missed. 

Here are our top six picks for automated emails.

Welcome Messages

The expected email that gets unexpected results. There is no better time to engage your audience than when they first interact with your brand. 

Welcome emails come in all shapes and sizes. You could include a special discount when a customer signs up to a newsletter. You could be welcoming them to a loyalty scheme. Or you might want to simply thank them following a phone call or meeting. 

Top Tip: Think about the first step of your customer journey. What is the first interaction the customer has with you? This is where you’ll want to create the perfect triggered welcome email.

Cart Abandonment

A customer arrives at your website, starts the process of enquiring about or buying a product or service but doesn’t complete the transaction. Before they sail off into the sunset, why not execute a cart abandonment campaign? 

This tactic is a proactive and effective way of recovering potential lost sales, and it doesn’t just apply to ecommerce businesses. The same principle can be adapted to maximise website enquiries for service-based businesses that don’t sell directly online. When it’s done well, cart abandonment can convert up to 30% of interested prospects into paying customers. 

Top Tip: Test your timing. You may want to start by sending the email at the moment they’ve exited your website. At this point, you know they’re still on their device and more likely to return.

Capture the Browsers

This triggered campaign is a great way to prompt action from existing customers or contacts when they visit your website.

Let’s say they’re hovering over your range of services pages but take no action. At the point they leave your website, why not send recommendations based on the pages they viewed. You could provide more information on packages you provide or ask if they have any questions to open up a conversation. Just make sure you do it carefully so you don’t come across like Big Brother.

Loyalty Based Emails 

Wherever your customers are on their journey, there’s always room for loyalty emails.

Why not try the classic birthday email? It’s the most personalised way to make your customers feel special, which in turn breeds loyalty. And with loyalty comes increased demand for your product or service.

Top Tip: Through regular service-based emails you can increase loyalty. The tone of voice used and messaging is an effective way of showcasing your core values.

Repeat Customers for Repeat Purchases

Do you have different levels of service, packages or product ranges? 

Then you can use your existing database to upsell relevant services. Website giants WordPress do this brilliantly with the range of plans on their hosted-for-you service. They regularly launch campaigns aimed at existing loyal customers with targeted offers encouraging you to step up to the next (and higher-priced) package.

Top Tip: Don’t bombard your existing customers with communications. Talk to them when you have something relevant and of value to share.

Recurring Automated Campaigns 

Recurring automated campaigns are often to a large segment of your customer base. Often labelled as newsletters, they can be a powerful way of keeping customers engaged and loyal to your brand.

The best examples build a brand around their campaigns and name communications accordingly, for example ‘Tuesday Trends’ or ‘Sunday Savers’. Sending automated campaigns out on a particular day builds anticipation. It also gives customers something to share with friends and family, as advocates of your business. 

How Do You Engage With Your Audience?

What email triggers have worked for your business in the past? We’d love to hear what you think of the examples mentioned above.

And if you’d like to discover how marketing automation could work for you, then please get in touch today.


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